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Airport Transfer to Norwich

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Norwich is in the heart of Norfolk close to the east coast of the country. It is definitely worth a visit to the city with its amazing architecture and admirable natural areas free to roam around in. The city is a reminder to all of us how the country was in the early 20th century and the churches and religious buildings are made to a divine and honourable quality.

The first attraction has to be the Norwich Cathedral. The cathedral is one of the most well known ones in the country and several people visit it on a regular basis. The church has a very attractive inside with the windows intricately designed with some of the best artistry you will see. Along with this there is a lot of open grassland outside to walk around in and to admire the buildings from. The areas have also been recently developed with several café’s and gift shops close by. These make for a very welcoming and homely atmosphere. The people in the local area are very friendly and this makes for a perfect trip.

The next attraction is for gardening enthusiasts or anyone who wants to see something beautiful. This is the East Ruston Old Vicarage Garden. The garden is full of plants ranging from flowers to trees. The garden is very well laid out over a vast area if land. There are a vast array of diverse plant species with cleverly designed aspects and surprises around every corner. The garden feels abundant and creates a joyous and imaginative mood in peoples head.  Make sure you allow enough time because of the amount of stuff you have to see. Along with all of this there are also nice metal works in the ponds creating nice designs too.

Overall Norwich is mainly for nature lovers with several gardens like the Eaton Ruston. Along with this there are several churches and cathedrals that also attract several people. So if you love either of those things then make sure you visit Norwich.

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