Airport Transfer from London to Cheltenham

Airport Transfer from London to Cheltenham

Cheltenham has been urbanized over time and now it is one of the areas that really has come a long away and is economically thriving in Britain. Not only does it have the brilliant buildings, regular transport and many industries based here, it also is home to horse racing which happens yearly at this great venue.

One stand out place to visit is Montpellier District. This shows off the beautiful and rich side of Cheltenham with amazing places to take a friendly walk, amazing shops to see and some of the top restaurants in the UK to enjoy the food. There are podiums placed all around the area where information can be seen and read about famous people who have come from the area. For example Edward Jenner has his own podium. There are also houses in this town for rent so people can stay for a few days to fully take in Cheltenham. The area is so marvellous that it was preferred to Cheltenham racecourse.

Cheltenham racecourse is amazing in its own way. This is based in the countryside area of Cheltenham and provides a new beauty to the city. The course covers a vast amount of land and all the way through the course you are unable to believe the sheer presence of such a place. The uncontested roads, the busy farms, a summer’s breeze all making for this ultimate area. People who go enjoy the racing but stay behind afterwards just to take a calm walk and see the area in its full. It is unbelievable to see the contrast between the two sides of Cheltenham.

There are so many more things to do here. To begin with you still have the Ian Coltey Shooting School. This was started during World War 2 and has still been open to this day with thorough lessons that really give an insight into what it would have been like in the war. Finally the Prescott Speed Hill climb is enjoyed by the parents. It provides amazing


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