Transfer from London to Coventry

Transfer from Coventry

Coventry is a very interesting place with attractions that are different to other parts of England. It is an area of rich history and large culture. It has been captivating visitors from all over the globe for a number of years giving its own selection of so many wonderful places such as family attractions and medieval buildings. The area has stories that can be told about it which captivate people who come here and people who have heard of its rich history.

 The city of Coventry never fails to excite and it always never lets you down.

To begin with there is the amazing Coventry Music Museum. Here there are traces of when music first began and gives a tour all through the years to the type of things we listen to right now in today’s world. There is work by famous old bands placed here. There is evidence of songs written and signed photos as well as the clothes they wore when performing. This really is breath taking and gives you an idea of how hard people worked to get to the top of the music industry. Finally famous artists such as Tinie Tempah also visit the area and enjoy the amazing history available for them to see.

Finally something that excites people of all ages when said is the words Flight Simulator. In Coventry there is the newest and best flight simulator in the UK. Here the controls are exactly the same as the ones on a proper plane. The person trying it has to take an hour’s lesson just to learn how to make it. Not only this but passengers can also take a seat. You can really feel the sensations of turning and falling and rising when trying this machine out. The price is high but the attraction is definitely worth it. Why not visit. Transfer from London  to Coventry By Car – 2h 00min By Bus – 3 h 00 min By Train – 1h 20min.

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