Transfer from London Airports to Brighton

Brighton to London Airport Transfers

Brighton is very much a seaside paradise to which almost 5 million people visit every year.  It has been gifted with round and shiny pebbles and has some of the largest waves you will see around Britain.  People who have visited have said there are parts of the sea in which children can enjoy themselves. But that there are also places where adults can have fun too. This seaside has beautiful scenery all around and has even got a place to stay. It has been loved by all of the public for tens of years.

There is a Peer where people can enjoy various activities. To begin with the food stalls provide brilliant British tradition from Peri Peri chicken all the way to Fish and Chips all at a reasonable price as well. In addition to this there is a fun activity area where things such as air Hockey. Some of these activities are free as well. Finally on the Peer a beautiful view of the sea can be enjoyed with the sand flying in your face due to a soft breeze.

Not only this but on certain days plane flying takes place where hundreds of fliers take to the sky and perform breathtaking stunts. These people risk their lives but put on a real show for the crowd. This regularly takes place in the summer months around August or July. Not only this but in the same months hot air Balloons are flown in the sky and again allow people to marvel at the brilliant surroundings.

So overall Brighton is amazing at its famous beach is something that all people should visit and enjoy because it is so beautiful. The views are phenomenal and it’s not too far a drive

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