Transfer from London to Bath

Transfer from London to Bath

Bath is a beautiful area based in north east Somerset. The area is home to a variety of activities and brilliant areas to enjoy in peace and quiet. It is a real treat for families and gives them a chance to enjoy their time together. There are a large number of events that take place suiting people from young to old.

To begin with rugby is massive in this area and almost everybody you meet there will fill you in with masses of detail of the current scores, leaderboard and many more. Not only is this something amazingly fun to watch and enjoy it gives you a chance to meet the stars up close. The amazing attraction starts as low as £25 pounds with the highest costing tickets only £85. Many who have travelled with us have said this is their number one attraction.

Bath is a land full of adventure waiting to be explored. This can be all done through the amazing rock climbing companies. In Bath the beautiful sceneries can be witnessed up close with this attraction. It allows people to work on their physical fitness and have a great day out. From a firsthand experience I truly believe this is breathtaking. You have to breathe for a minute and look around to consume the unbelievable things that can be seen.

Bath is also situated no more than a 40 minute drive away from the greatest history in Britain, the Stonehenge. The place provides children with a great learning experience about past humans and how they have developed over the years to become what they are now. Tours are given all around the site to clearly explain and help you get your way around this awesome area. Ticket prices are lower than rivals such as Alton Towers and Madame Tussauds at only £17.99 all prices subject to change.

So why not transfer to Bath now.

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